39 Color Sewing Thread
Price: RM24/box
Type: 402
Size: 1 roll about 200 yards, 2*6.3cm
* can use on sewing machine, hand sewing..etc
* include silver & gold thread
* Total 39 rolls color may different from the picture(color will not repeat), if you cannot accept please don't buy.

36 Color Sewing Thread
Price: RM59/box
Type: 602
Size: 1 roll 400 yards
* can use on silk, elastic fabric, recommend to use with no.9 needle for better result.
* you will get the same color as you see on the picture, all together 36 rolls.

Smooth Surface Thread
Price: RM14.80/set
Type: 60#150D3
Size: 300 yards
* use to sew bag frame, leather, silk..
* smooth surface.
*  you will get these 3 rolls of thread as picture show.

Color Change Thread
Price: RM6.80/2 rolls
Length: 150 yards per roll
Thread Type: 402
You will get these 2 rolls of thread.

Polyester Embroidery Thread For Embroidery Machine
Price: RM5.70/roll
Length: 3000 yards per roll
Thread Type: 120D/2
No.1,13,15,19,24,25,28,29,30,37 sold