Bag Handle: Purse Frame, Doctor Frame, Bag Chain

Bronze Purse Frame Clasp Lock Wooden Handle 26cm
Price: RM19.50/piece
Width: 26cm

20.5cm DIY Craft Frame Kiss Clasp Lock Silver 
Price: RM4.00 per piece
Width 20.50cm
Material: Metal
Available Color: Silver
100% brand new and high quality
Ideal for DIY bags, handbag,purse, shoulder strap bag etc.

Square 3 Flower Handle Bag Frame
Price: RM15.00/piece
Width: 20cm
Available Color: Bronze

Big Mouth Bag Frame KissLock
Gold Color Price: RM15.50/piece
Bronze Color Price: RM15.00/piece
Width: 27cm

Hello Kitty Square Bag Frame 20.50cm
Price: RM12.00/piece
Width: 20.50cm

L-Shape Purse Frame (sold)
Price: RM9.00
Measurement: 16.50cm*9.50cm

Bronze Purse Frame Wavy Design 
Price: RM4.90/piece
Measurement: Width 8.50cm 

Color: Bronze 

Semi Round Bronze Purse Frame Embossed Design 8.50cm (sold)
Price: RM4.90/piece
Size: 8.50cm

Bronze Purse Frame Bud Head Arch Shape 12.50cm
Price: RM6.80/piece
Measurement: 12.50*5cm


  Bronze Purse Frame Round Bead Arch Shape 12.50cm
Price: RM6.50/piece

Bronze Purse Frame Half Moon Shape 
Size:10.50cm with triangle ear = RM5.50/piece (sold)
Size: 12.50cm with triangle ear = RM6.00/piece

Sample Project
Square Purse Frame Bud Head 18cm
Price: RM11.00/piece
Measurement: 18cm*6.5cm


Sample Project
Sample Project
Bronze Purse Frame Square Bead Head
Size 15.50cm = RM7.50/piece
Size 12.50cm = RM6.50/piece

Bronze Purse Frame Square Tulip Head 10.50cm
Price: RM6.50/piece


Sample Project
Square Doctor Frame 25*7cm
Price: RM10.00/pair
Measurement: 25*7cm 
Thickness: Metal Diameter 3mm

Semi Round Doctor Frame 12*7cm
Price: RM8.00/pair
Thickness = 5mm

Sample Project
 Square Doctor Frame 8*4cm
Price: RM4.40/pair
Thickness: 4mm

Korea Style Semi Round Doctor Frame
Price: RM13.50/piece
Size: 13cm
*easily remove the screw to install

Sample From Internet
Sample From Internet
Korea Style Square Doctor Frame (sold)
Price: RM16.90/piece
Size: 20cm
*easily remove the screw to install

Bronze Purse Frame Straight Line 7.50cm
Price: RM5.50/piece

Silver Oval Bag Frame 
Price: RM8.00/pair
Size: Outer-12*7cm, Inner-9.50*4.70cm

Doctor Frame With Screw 12cm
Price: RM8.70/set
Sample Project
Sample Project
Bronze Purse Frame 20cm Straight Line With Embossed Design (sold)
Price: RM11.00/piece
Size: 20*6.50cm

Shrapnel Frame
Price: RM1.00/piece (10cm Length)
Price: RM1.50/piece (12cm Length With Ear)
Price: RM2.00/piece (15cm Length With Ear)

Bronze Half Round Bag Frame 15cm With Cross Bar
Price: RM8.50/piece
* Cross bar with screw, easy to remove & install. With only One frame you can make many cover to exchange.

Antique Metal Bronze Chain
Price: RM4.50/piece
Length: 120cm
Chain Width: approx 7mm
Available: No. 3, 5

 O-Ring Metal Chain
Gold Color Price: RM4.50/piece
Bronze Color Price: RM4.20/piece
Length: 120cm
Available in Gold (sold) & Bronze Color

Sample Project
Bronze Bag Chain
Price: RM2.00/Piece (Length: 40cm)
Price: RM2.50/Piece (Length: 60cm)
Width: 4mm