Cutting Mat, Roller Cutter

Cutting Mat Combo Set (sold)
Price: RM69.70/set
Packing include: A3 size cutting mate (can use on both side), 45cm ruler, 28mm roller cutter, 28mm blades, 2 pcs marking pen.

28mm Roller Cutter (sold)
Price: RM14/piece
Made In Taiwan

28mm Roller Cutter Blades (sold)
Price: RM9.80/pack
Made In Taiwan

45mm Roller Cutter
Price: RM22/piece
Made In Taiwan

45mm Roller Cutter Blades
Price: RM11.00/piece
Made In Taiwan

A3 Size Cutting Mat (sold)
Price: RM35/piece
Made in Taiwan
*can use on both side with different grid - refer to picture