Charm & Accessories

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Gold Deco Item RM1.00/piece

Gold Metal Deco Double C
Price: RM1.50/piece
Color: Gold
Size: 2.2*1.5cm

Bronze 0-9 Set
Price: RM2.30/set (0-9 = 10 pieces)
Size: 16*8mm

Bronze A-Z Set
Price: RM5.50/set (26 alphabet)
Size: 12*6mm

Bronze Multi Design Hook
Price: RM15.50/10 Designs

 Bronze Two Hole Rose Deco
Price: RM0.50/piece
 Size: 1.6*0.9cm

Antique Deco Item RM0.90/piece 
No.1 (sold)
Special Offer Now: Buy 10 Get 1 Free

  Bronze Antique Deco Item RM1.00/piece  
No.2,8,9,10,11,14,21 (sold)
Special Offer Now: Buy 10 Get 1 Free

Price: RM1.00/piece
Bronze Cat
Bronze Clock
Bronze Slipper
Bronze Hello Kitty

Bronze Antique Deco Item RM1.20/piece
1-girl, 2-rabbit
 Bronze Antique Deco Item RM1.50/piece
(no.3 sold)

 Bronze Antique Deco Item Round RM2.00/piece
1.owl, 2.bird

 Bronze Antique Deco Item Twin Bird RM2.20/piece

Bronze Ring
Price: RM0.30/10 pieces (3.5mm)
Price: RM0.40/10 pieces (6mm) 

Gold Ring 7mm
Price: RM0.40/10 pieces

Silver Ball Chain

Price: RM1.00/4 pieces
Measurement: Length about 9-10cm

sample of project
Bronze Rectangle Month Clip 
Price: RM0.10/piece (Width: 6mm)
Price: RM0.15/piece (Width: 8mm)
Price: RM0.20/piece (Width: 1cm) 
Price: RM0.30/piece (Width: 1.6cm)
Price: RM0.40/piece (Width: 2.2cm)

String With Hook
Price: RM1.00/4 pieces
Length: Approximate 6-7 cm

Leather Flower Strap With Hook 13.2cm
Price: RM4.00/piece
Size: Width-0.7cm, Length-13.20cm(not include hook length)
Available Color: Pink Only