All the batting will not include in free postage.

Single Sided Glue Batting
Price: RM12.00/Metre (180g)
Price: RM15.00/Metre (280g)
Price: RM20.00/meter (400g)
Width: about 99cm
Just attach the glue side with fabric then iron it, it will stick to the fabric. Save your time to do Basting.
180g Batting suitable to use on small project like Frame Pouch, Purse.
280g Batting suitable to use on project like Handbag, Cushion Cover, Door Mat.
400g  Very firm and suitable for big project.


 Single Sided Glue Fabric Type Interfacing. (sold)
Price: RM10/meter
Width: 95cm
Suitable to use for pocket making or lining of the project and so on.
Direction to use: Use a thin layer of fabric to cover on top it and iron on fabric.

Iron-On Double Sided Fusible
Width: 110cm
Suitable to attach your batting with your fabric, save your time to do basting, just iron-on it. Or iron-on it with your applique on your fabric it will stick together, easy your work.

Due to all the items here are hand cutting, please allow 1-3cm allowance.


John Cartrer said...
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Neemie said...

Hi, battings still available? TQ

YYfashions Craft House said...

Neemie, not all the batting have stock but let me know which type, will check the stock for you. TQ