Rope, Cord

Double String Linen Rope 2mm
Price: RM0.60/Metre
Color: 1-Gamboge, 2-Red, 3-Viridian, 4-Purple, 5-Wheat, 6-Peach

12 Ply Linen Weave Rope
Price: RM1.90/meter
Color: 2 Tone Linen
Diameter: 5mm

Wax Rope
Price: RM0.60/meter
Diameter: About 2.5mm
Color Available: Dark Brown, Ivory

Cotton Rope Ivory
Price: RM0.60/meter
Diameter about 3mm

 String With Hook
Price: RM1.00/4 pieces
Length: Approximate 6-7 cm

Project Sample
Wooden Cord End
Price: RM1.00/pair
Measurement: Height 1.30cm, Hole Diameter 0.40cm

Bronze Cord End
Price: RM1.50/pair
Measurement: Height 1cm, Big Hole Diameter 0.60cm, 
Small Hole Diameter 0.40cm

Brown Wooden Bead (sold)
Price: RM0.50/2 pieces
Inner Diameter- 5mm
Outer Diameter- 10mm

 Wooden Bead With Design (sold)
Price: RM0.50/2 pieces
Size: Height-1cm, Outer Diameter-1.2cm, Inner Diameter-0.5cm

Two Hole Wooden Bead (sold)
Price: RM0.90/2 pieces
Size: Length-3cm, Hole Diameter-0.5cm