Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Anti Slip Fabric

Ideal for sewing on soles on pyjamas feet and slipper to provide a gripping and anti-skid surface. This fabric can also be used under surface such as placemat, bathmat, rug and draw liner to prevent slipping and scratches.

Plain Anti Slip Fabric
Price: RM18.00/meter
Width: 145cm
Available Color: Blue, Ivory, Pink

Anti Slip Fabric Sweet Flora
Price: RM18.00/meter
Width: 153cm

Anti Slip Fabric Little Flower
Price: RM18.00/meter
Width: 155cm


Yolanda said...

Before reading your blog, I had no idea about Anti Slip Fabric. I wouldn't know that this material may be used beneath surface like placemat, bathmat, carpet and draw liner to stop slippy and scratches. So, I am grateful to you to learn about this.

Fashion Accessories said...

This is really awesome collection of fabrics. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Artificial Jewelry Pakistan said...

This same fabric i used in my factory as well. great fabric collection.

Shri Radha Rani said...

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silvi said...

beauty craft, inspiring me..

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